Every season there is a list of trends, it shoes, it bags, it everything you see on the catwalk. And then there is Elisabetta Franchi.

Elisabetta Franchi creates at her own pace and will. Last season, the designer ignored the colorful fury pieces and the power suits and did a homage to Eva Perón.
This season, Elisabetta turned it’s back on the athletic and flowery trends and decided to take a trip to the American wheat fields of the last half of the XIX century with long flapped hats and bucolic dresses that take shape in materials like silk and tulle.
The runaway show opened with the sun rising jumping out of a big screen that filled the catwalk with an orange romantic glow that seemed to have been taken straight out of a Willa Cather novel.
The color palette comes to live through Nature, the memories jump out the old chest into an idilic modernity.
“My collection is inspired in a woman surrounded by the poetry of Nature, a return to tradition and purity represented in the sheer fabrics and laces”, as explained by the designer to Vogue Portugal whom is like a sponge, absorbing everything her eyes see and turning them into creations.
Elisabetta speaks to a “strong woman, sensual, authentic and confident” just like the women that are her all time style icons such as Kate Moss and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. “My concept of women as evolved culminating in a notion that there is no need to tease, only to seduce.” And is there anything more seductive than fertile details and soft sheerness popping up in designs that apparently wouldn't be all that sexy?
Elisabetta was born in Bologna in 1968, she’s the third of five children, and as a child she had a parallel life of fantasy in which her dolls and the dresses she made for them were the focal point. In 1996 her imagination came to life.
The designer as grown and evolved with time but she always kept the Made in Italy reference in her tags and in her heart, she is also an activist in the defense of animal rights (in 2014 she banned feathers and angorá fur from her pieces, in 2013 created the project Dog Hospitality, allowing workers to bring their dogs to work and in 2015 she released the collection EF loves dog that reverts to helping animals) and made her own name associated with a weighted brand, that has it’s foundation in strong values that are never out of style.
The challenge, renews with the coming of a new generation of consumers more informed than ever and more conscious than never on what they want to wear.
One that doens’t allow being caught up by marketing strategies and one that’s a master in separating the wheat from the chaff , which makes Elisabetta Franchi prairie the perfect place – cruelty free, empowering, irresistibly confidente – to spend the next summer.