September 2018


After conquering half world’s women, Elisabetta Franchi opens a boutique in Madrid.

“I have loved making clothes for my dolls with pieces of curtains since I was a child”, remembers Elisabetta Franchi (Bologna, 1968). The vocation was so big that in 1998 she launched the brand, which brings her name, in a small atelier in her hometown.

The success was such that in 2014 the company registered a turnover of 112 millions of euros, in addition to be in more than 1100 multibrand stores and 66 monobrand ones, distributed in 27 countries, including Spain. “The opening of Madrid has been fundamental. If the Spanish women want to be more sensual, they can now dress Elisabetta Franchi”.

Her designs, extremely sensual, are thought for a feminine and strong woman. “The winter collection takes inspiration from the Italian actress Monica Vitti. Beautiful, smart, fun and iconic”, she reveals.

Pioneer of the animal-rights movement, she works together with animal-rights organizations, such as LAV, and she joined the Fur Free Retail program, in order to avoid the use of animals’ skin for her collections. “When I took part to this project in 2012 I was the only one together with Hugo Boss and Stella McCartney. As time goes by, more and more stylists embrace this project. For this reason Elisabetta Franchi does not sell only fashion, women purchase my collections even because of the values I transmit”.