Saber Viver – September Edition


A Powerful women
Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi, who dresses celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez talked to us about her love of dogs, dolls and her Fall Winter 18/19 collection, inspired by the 70’s.
In this collection we see strong colors, volumes, oversized coats, tweeds and collar ties. Where did the inspiration come from?
The Fall/Winter 2018 takes inspiration from the Seventies, the years of the big revolution. I love all the positive changes. Finally, women hung their apron and they got out there.
That’s what you did, since you were born in 1968?
I’ve reached success thanks to my determination and hard work. Women always had to make twice the effort to stand out, especially in traditionally male careers. I believe that is changing, but it’s still very hard: only women extremely confident have the necessary strength to persevere. My mother struggled to raise me and four brothers alone and that was a true example of force needed to achieve our goals.
Being a fashion designer was always your dream?
Since I was a child, I used to make dresses for my dolls and that passion developed and led me to build a career and a brand.
It was in 2015 that you created Betty, a luxury doll dressed by you. Was that a full circle for you?
My best friend for playing and escaping reality together was my doll, the same who made true my dream to dress all the women in the world. I thus decided to make her reborn today as the Betty Doll, the doll that represents me, my origins and my dream. Betty is dressed in the most statement looks of each collection, since 2015.
You seem like a very disciplined person, is that true?
Discipline, especially at work, is essential to achieve goals, but I’m also capable of having fun and create room for my family. There’s always obstacles, but I’m a strong woman, a true Emiliana, and I’m accustomed to fight for what I want. Thanks to that, each success has a sweet taste.
Where do you get inspiration?
I get inspiration from everything that surrounds me. Every single element can stimulate my creativity. A tree, a book…everything. Creative people can get inspiration from everything, everywhere.
What is for you to be elegant?
It means to be feminine and sensual, without exceeding. There’s a fine line between sensuality and vulgarity, it all depends on the person’s attitude.
You are very keen on animal rights. Is it true you have 8 dogs and allow employees to take their dogs to work?
I have always loved animals, and four years ago I created the project “Dog Hospitality”. I found it really selfish to encourage my collaborators to adopt a dog that then would have been home alone the entire day. This choice has led to positive effects for everyone, stress at work has decreased and my collaborators are happier. The benefits are pretty the same as the ones from Pet Therapy.
What’s your favourite piece from this collection?
Maybe the yellow crochet dress or the tweed jacket together with the midi-length skirt.