Loved by the “Star System”, the stylist Elisabetta Franchi has become the exponent of the Mediterranean sensuality. Elisabetta Franchi (Bologna, 1968) perfectly remembers her first drawing. “I used pieces of my house’s curtains to make a dress for my doll. My mum was definitely not happy about it”, she laughs. She was just eight years old, but she knew already what she wanted to become when “grown up”: the fashion stylist. Seated in her new and exclusive Boutique in Madrid in Calle Claudio Coello, with a new electronic cigarette on one hand and surrounded by her team, the stylist is the image of the Mediterranean diva. She dresses totally in black, wears high heels, speaks with passion (in Italian) and laughs heartily. “I am from Bologna, a region where women have a strong personality and where matriarchy prevails” she says. Daughter of a housewife and workman, her life has always been deeply-rooted to this North Italian city where she was born, she grew up, studied fashion and founded her brand in 1998.

Even today – that she is leading a global brand with more than 1.100 multibrand stores and 66 monobrand boutiques – she keeps living in her hometown with her husband and children, a ten year old daughter and 6 year old son. Standard-bearer of the Made in Italy, in 2014 she makes her debut in the fashion week in Milan. Her collections, sensual and feminine, has rapidly conquered the “star system”, including icons such as Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney. “My muses have something special. They combine class and power”. Like other important Italian brand – of whom Versace and Gucci – Elisabetta Franchi does not use animals’ skin in her collections. “When I started my collaboration with LAV – an animal-rights associations – I discovered the brutal world where animals are killed for making us clothing items. This has strengthen my willing to defend their rights”. Through her Instagram profile, followed by 1 million of people, she is keen to spread this message: “Fashion does not imply only glamour and perfection, but also big sacrifice. I am a working woman, entrepreneur and mother. All of this is the essence of Elisabetta Franchi.”.