Her first appearance before the footlights was in the winter of 2015, but the journey to get there was long and arduous. Betty Doll is no ordinary rag doll, she is a beacon of hope. And hers is a story to be told, the story of the designer Elisabetta Franchi. A playmate, but especially a partner in life, even in the most difficult times, she was able to infuse courage and inspire the great designer and creator of the eponymous brand. Betty has been a friend, a true friend, like the ones who let you believe in dreams and guide you through obstacles. While she held little Betty close to her, Elisabetta Franchi’s dream was to have every women in the world wear her clothes, to be able to wrap them in an embrace, the same that each night Betty would give her. 2015 was the birth year of what would soon become an object of desire for fashion collectors. Made entirely of cloth and stitched by hand, with long blond hair, Betty accompanies the Elisabetta Franchi woman from season to season, sporting the most glamorous and representative pieces of the collections.

But that’s not all. The Betty Doll has a playmate, Betty Dottoressa (Doctor Betty) who as mascot of the non-profit foundation has a very important mission: to put a smile on the children in the Salesi hospital in Ancona. The journey to reach the catwalks of the world began from afar, and this is why Betty has decided to accompany the dreams of Elisabetta Franchi for many years to come; to give that flicker of hope and trust we all are all searching for … and that now we know we can hold tight!