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Elisabetta Franchi Spring-Summer 2022 collection symbolises the rebirth of the woman who loves to travel, a dreamer with an enquiring mind, keen to go back exploring the world and visit new destinations with eyes full of wonder. 

The underlying concept is informed by the independent and intrepid attitude of our fearless protagonist who lays bare her soul and sets her imagination free inspired by constantly changing surroundings. Her feminine style echoes the vibrancy of prints and patterns reminiscent of a safari trip. Slinky dresses in natural, earthy hues combined with softer shades and animal prints are offered in light and fluid fabrics that bring the mind back to sun-drenched days in far-flung lands. 

Tortoiseshell effects, belts, multi-tasking bags and necklaces in various lengths ornate with charms - the collection’s storytelling is enriched by precious details and accessories that nod to our muse’s spirit of adventure and her longing to be marvelled by unique destinations. Set against the backdrop of a majestic and evocative location, the Elisabetta Franchi women march forward bold and feminine as per the brand’s DNA.

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