Milan, a fleeting snapshot of a movement; different confu sing colors and lights of which, after closer inspection, it is possible to see a detail. This is how I realize that the very snapshot has captured a feeling, a place and a woman. Elisabetta Franchi: an entrepreneur, a brand.

Distant from the glamour of celebrations and awards, clo ser instead to the fatigue and the courage of believing in a dream, this is the way of how I will tell Elisabetta Franchi through the authenticity of her crystalline look.

I sit in front of her and the blue of her eyes reveal all what she has already shared of herself adding that here, in her Milanese showroom, we really are welcome. Not by chan ce the atmosphere and furnishings are those of a home. A welcoming environment where to feel as if staying in her living room, with the same armchairs and decorative details. And here in the center of Milan, the city that has no time, finally we can relax among flowers and pastries. Here Elisabetta slows down from the fast fashion rhythm. She takes her time for a break, even if only for a few mi nutes, because her style is also a way of how to live time: as a woman, as an entrepreneur, as a stylist and above all as a mother. It is clear to me that her style is harmonious with her lifestyle: what you wear reflects what you live, in the world of social medias and in everyday life. Everyone is welcome in her world

The space and the furnishings enhance this feeling, this idea of how the geometry of the home-showroom where one works, lives and stops to reflect on a lifestyle, are articulated as a whole. There is no difference in the desi gn of a dress and that of a piece of furniture. There is no difference between a dress and a way of living. Everything overlaps in her concept of style, realized dreams and am bitious desires.

The design must be conceived as an Elisabetta Franchi dress, determined as a male embrace and as comfortable as a hot candle light bath. We are on the fourth floor of the showroom, the place that Elisabetta prefers because here she can stop the time and relax just like when she is in the bathtub. The place she does not share with anyone because in every home and working space there must be a special hangout whe re to enjoy only oneself. A space where you can draw conclusions at the end of the day. Using her own words: a space where to think and balance everything. It is here on the fourth floor surrounded by her latest col lection that, like a work of contemporary art embellishes the walls, I ask her if she has ever thought of creating a furnishing line. Elisabetta answers me yes and explains that for her interior design is the extension of fashion de sign, as the masculine extends, overlaps and harmonizes with the feminine. She would have fun creating decor, home furnishings with cuts other than fashion. Fluid features like those of a dress that would meet the edges of the surfaces in a perfect fusion of lines and colors just like the fusion between man and woman. And it is true: the fusion of feelings, emotions and characters of the two worlds are really revealed in these rooms furnished with natural colors, delicate tones that lie on the decisive and dark surfaces of the furnishin gs, on the shiny walls and on the powerful wooden floor. In this place, as in the rest of the rooms, the meeting between female and male world is evident in the soft contrast revealed by the geometric lines and the refined decor of the flowers, the lamps and the many frames that portray her life. And it is in the objects that Elisabetta best expresses her vision of interior design and decoration; especially in the dolls and miniatures of the mannequins dressed with her collections that illuminate and color the rooms. There is the Betty doll on one side, the icon of her childhood dre am, on the swing in front of the large glossy wooden wall. Betty is swinging happily because this, despite being a place of hard work, is a happy place to clearly express one’s ideas and fight for them. It is the place where you can have a safe roof on your head, an environment where you can love and be loved. I greet Elisabetta and the exact moment I leave the buil ding I understand that her vision of design, dreams and the very concept of fashion are all she ever wanted for Betty: a beautiful home.