Elisabetta Franchi: “Determination and passion have been the key ingredients of my growth and success”.
The story of Elisabetta Franchi is the story of a woman who reached her goal of dressing all the women in the world with her designs. They say that, in everything she does, there is a mix of passion and perfectionism.

A week ago she opened the third boutique in our country, and she chose Marbella. Up until now her designs were available only on the e-commerce. From now on it will be possible to try on all the models in the new boutique. Among the lovers of her designs there are a lot of celebrities and influencers who choose to dress Elisabetta Franchi on several occasions.
Elisabetta Franchi was born in Bologna, where she studied and then open a small atelier in 1998. She began with a team of 5 people, now there are more than 200. It took more than 20 years of hard work and efforts to make her dream come true and become a referent of the prêt-à-porter Made in Italy.
In 2014 the company, led by the stylist, had a turnover of 112 million of euros and counted on 1100 multibrand and 66 monobrand boutiques. However, it was only in 2015 that we could admire her creations during the Milan Fashion Week.
Elisabetta Franchi made her dream become the one of a lot of women who can dress her creations from day to night, at the office or a special event. Everything guided by the femininity of Elisabetta Franchi universe.

Elisabetta, now that you have opened the boutique in Puerto Banus, one of the most important luxury centre in Europe, if you look back and see what you have gained, how do you feel?
I feel proud and satisfied for reaching another big step during my journey.

You started in 1998 with a small Atelier in Bologna, what was the impulse that led you to grow and bring all your designs all over the world?
I wanted and I still want to dress all the women in the world. My increasing passion has led me to create a brand always evolving.

There are a lot of stylists who, despite their talent, keep leading a small local atelier. What emphasized your expansion?
I began with a big dream in life. I used to get pieces of fabrics and create. Determination, together with passion, have been the key ingredients of my success and growth.

Most of the times stylists and artists keep focusing only on the most creative aspect and forget about the business factor. Did you want to follow the whole project on your own, or did you delegate some aspects of the job?
I always try to not neglect any aspects and pursue everything in parallel. I admit that the creative part is the one that gives me more satisfaction as it is an inner skill, but I am conscious of the fact that it cannot exist without a good economic management, without which the creativity would never go so far.

Do you still remember the first time that you saw one of your designs on a magazine? How did you feel?
A great emotion!!!

Do you get used to popularity in your job or do you still emotion when someone talks about you?
Every time I get emotional like the first time. You never get used to popularity, especially when you reach a new important objective after lots of sacrifices and hard work.

Behind your success, there is certainly a lot of work. Have you ever felt like giving up?
I think you should never give up. I am a woman of strong character and personality, a real “emiliana”. You have to fight and believe in your own ideas in order to reach your objectives and dreams.

The Italian style has always enjoyed of big notoriety worldwide. Do you think that being a “Made in Italy” stylist has helped you to get more doors opened?

No, but Italian nationality itself is an added value.

It has been 20 years since when you started this new adventure. During these years, do you think there have been some changes in what women seek in fashion and their preferences?
It seems like nothing changes, then you look back and realize that it has changed a lot. Today’s woman is more conscious, she knows what she is wearing, what is happening in the world, she knows the trends, who designed that particular clothing item..

Your designs are known for being very feminine and evergreen, where do you take the inspiration from for drawing?
I get inspiration from everything that surrounds me. Every single element can stimulate my creativity. A tree, a book..everything. Creative people like me can get inspiration from everything, everywhere.

In contrast with the other stylists, you dress the woman for any time of the day and any kind of occasion, without focusing only on a specific category of clothing..
I like to present versatile dresses for any occasion, suitable for both day and night, depending on which accessory you match.

Looking at the summer collection, which are the most versatile pieces?
Dresses with garments of pearls, beautiful for the day, but also the night.

What do your customers have in common?
The Elisabetta Franchi’s woman is a really strong and career one, who never gives up on her femininity and sensuality.

What did lead you to open the boutique in Marbella?

I think that the Spanish woman reflects perfectly my prototype of woman; it is also for this reason that I decided to strengthen my presence in this market, opening the third Spanish monobrand boutique in Puerto Banus, after Tenerife and Madrid.