Made in Italy
ARMS of Woman

Faithful paladin of sustainable fashion, Elisabetta Franchi proves that FEMMININITY and character are two sides of the same coin.

Lady style, sensuality and strong personality are the distinctive features of Elisabetta Franchi and her brand. The brand, which was born in 1998, is now a reference for the Made in Italy.

The past season interprets with her designs a trip in the ‘70s. With her unique sophistication, the boho look gives space to the glamour of the sweet life, with bright colours, naplak details, pailettes, tweed and knitwear.. Her source of inspiration? The female power. “ I love dressing beautiful women, not only aesthetically, but also spiritually beautiful. Clothes are important as well as what is behind them”, states the stylist.

This philosophy can be seen also in her commitment to animals, which goes over the “fur free” models and beneficiary collaborations: during the last fashion show, this commitment went on the runway when Elisabetta Franchi herself showed up with manifests in favour of animals’ protection. “We live in a more conscious society, we opened our eyes and we cannot look the other way. Life is more important than fashion”, concludes the stylist.