A passionate woman

A true ambassador of Italian fashion, Elisabetta Franchi was recently in Athens to show – among other things – hot t be sexy without trying hard, while defending your values.

By Anastasia Kamvissi

Some decades before the creation of the Elisabetta Franchi fashion house, here was a little girl who used to dress and undress her only doll, attacking in the process her household’s table linens with scissors, in order to make little dresses. “I had already known my love for fashion since I was little, even though I never had an ideal childhood. I grew up in a home with four siblings and this doll which keeps me company to this day. My father was absent. And I quickly realized that I had to seize the moment, work hard, make sacrifices”, she says, with a big smile. Elisabetta Franchi is a real river: smiling, warm, funny and unbelievably sexy. I love her a bit more since I learned that her employees can bring their pets to work. “I love my dogs, but I have the luxury not to lock them up inside when I’m at work. When I realized that not all people have this luxury, I decided to give them the chance to bring them with them at the workplace. Of course, we have some explosive meetings and fights, but it’s all expected.”

Empathy is a word that describes Elisabetta as a human being. She cares about her employees’ mood, animal rights, respect for the environment, and sustainability in the garment industry. Elisabetta realizes that the struggle for a better world can also be fought through fashion. “Producing sustainable materials and transparency in the chain of production are very important to me. However, when you turn your passion into a business, every decision has a cost. For many years I fought alone against fur and leather. Today, ignorance is a crime. Everyone must know what they are wearing, what lies behind it. Luckily, many big fashion houses follow my example. Armani, Gucci, Versace, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors have said no to fur. It’s a matter of ethics.”

Elisabetta Franchi is an Italian with all capital letters: impressive, luminous, cheerful. “The fact that I’m Italian means that I have to defend something that is not just style, clothes, but a whole culture, our cuisine, our history. You know, we built Rome”, she says, laughing. “The Italian way of life, the value we give to family, the way a generation of women passes ideas and values to the next. Being a true Italian means that, no matter what your profession is, no matter how busy or famous you are, at home you are a wife, a mother, the one who will set the table for the whole family to eat together. Children must know that I am present in their everyday life”.

Each time she designs a collection she falls in love with a woman for whom she creates the clothes. “For my summer collection I dreamt of a woman out of an American field at the end of the 19h century: the pastoral element met with the modern; tulle, muslin, and silk, were used to give volume; ribbons, pearls and lace were used for the details”. And for the FW2018 collection, the inspiration came straight from the heart. “My muse is Italian actress Monica Vitti, a 70’s style icon. I was inspired by the way she dressed, her makeup, but also her spirit, her self-sarcasm, her humor: she was an anti-diva. In my mind I dressed her up with daring, strong colors that captivate. In the 70’s women went out to the streets to claim their rights, they wore mini-skirts. I liked everything during that time, the fashion, the dance. It was the time that glorified the joy of life”.

The collection is available at Eponymo E>MORE and selected stores throughout Greece.


Top left: Elisabetta Franchi. In the clothes and accessories she designs, she brings out femininity and sensuality, without forgetting the moral values, the love of animals and the environment.