Twenty years have passed since the birth of Betty Blue Spa, a brand Made in Italy that today bears the name of its designer and founder, Elisabetta Franchi. Twenty years of style, commitment, sacrifice, passion and much more. Elisabetta Franchi has a mission, to win over and dress "all the women in the world", and she wants to convey a very precise message, which she makes tangible through her commitment to animals.
It all began in Elisabetta's birthplace in Bologna, where the designer grew up in a large family of humble means, having to face many difficulties. Perhaps it was this tough background that instilled in her a spirit of vengeance and determination, which together with her character and her immense passion for fashion created an explosive mix, leading her to pursue her dream with stubbornness, without ever yielding. Hence one of her favourite mottoes – "Never give up" – which can be seen even in her collections that have always featured a sensual but strong and spirited woman at the same time.

In 1998 Betty Blue SpA was founded and its first collection was called CELYN b, the name recalling the elegance of Parisian style and the letter "b" standing for "Betta", the designer's nickname. Twenty years later the brand bears the name of its founder ELISABETTA FRANCHI, an intense journey marked by milestones and achievements. Accompanying her on the journey from the very beginning was her only doll, the "Betty Doll", from where it all started. In fact, as a child the aspiring designer spent her time dressing the doll with the rags she found around the house. A playmate, a witness and an integral part of a life project and the fulfilment of a dream, today the "Betty doll" is sold in all Elisabetta Franchi boutiques, which currently number more than 80 located in the most important cities in the world, including Milan, Paris, Moscow and Dubai.

Passion, talent, discipline, authenticity and a strong commitment to animals: these are the cornerstones and values that distinguish Elisabetta Franchi, not only as a woman but also as a brand, and that today inspire the "Tribe" of people who strongly support and follow her. A brand that is preparing to reach an important milestone, not only financial but also of meanings that go far beyond business. In fact, the designer is using her brand as a tool to "give voice to the voiceless" through her commitment to the protection of animals, which takes the form of numerous initiatives, starting in 2012 with her collaboration with LAV and participation in the "Fur Free Retail Programme" which permanently eliminates the use of animal fur from the collections, and subsequently also goose feathers and angora wool.

Today Elisabetta Franchi celebrates not only her success, but 20 years of history. A woman with strong emotions who knows how to convey those emotions. Because her life itself is an emotion with just one goal: to fulfil the dreams of a child who has always seen her world and its truest essence in fashion. A desire that has become reality. For her 20th anniversary the designer has chosen an exclusive location in the heart of Milan where she will celebrate the pursuit of her great goal, surrounded by her family, friends, celebrities and all the ones who have accompanied and supported her in this path. As a symbol and ode to the 20 years, a capsule collection was also created consisting of ten iconic garments that propose the most significant models of the brand, presented exclusively in lacquered red, one of the most representative colours of the Maison, with a 20-year graphic within.