Elisabetta Franchi was born in 1968 in Bologna to a family of humble origins, with few resources and one doll only - Betty - and understood from a very young age that her vocation was fashion, a vision that she held on tight to together with Betty and that would one day allow her to dress the women of the world.

Her dreamy but practical soul led her to found Betty Blue S.p.A. in 1998, a ready-to-wear Made in Italy brand, creating an all-female style.

The road was always uphill, sustained by values - such as passion, consistency, sacrifice and discipline - the pillars of her entire SELF-MADE WOMAN existence, which guide her to build what is today an international business with 3 headquarters, 87 flagship boutiques, over 1,100 multi-brand stores and a turnover of 120 million in pre-pandemic 2019.

Always in the forefront with her strong sense of responsibility, she transforms her entrepreneurial vision into awareness by encapsulating the strength of women in her collections.

A WOMAN for WOMEN,attentive to the transformation not only of fashions but also of the times, with courage and dedication, she revolutionises the dogmas of traditional communication. She directly speaks to her consumers, in a spontaneous and authentic way, because she strongly believes that sharing is the key to evolution and change. By interacting through direct communication channels, she has shown herself and her life with a 360-degree view: her commitment to animal rights, her vocation as an entrepreneur, her creativity as a designer and her nature as a mother and wife.

So the decision to buy and wear an Elisabetta Franchi garment is no longer purely aesthetic, but a concrete decision to belong to a tribe with strong and distinctive female DNA.

Among battles lost without ever giving up and fights won with sacrifice and dedication, these 23 years of career have been crowned by the title of Knight of the Order of merit of the Italian Republic (Cavaliere dell’Ordine “Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana") by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella.

To celebrate this merit, Elisabetta Franchi has chosen Nima Benati, a woman and photographer of international renown capable of interpreting and enhancing the femininity and sensuality of women.