In a journey through the future of the past, the three protagonists of Elisabetta Franchi's new advertising campaign glide through stellar atmospheres with a strong retro touch projected into the future.
The inspiration is the Space Age, the vision of the future that was so widespread in the 1960s. Like First Ladies of the time, the three women led by Magdalena Frackowiak convey female power through sculptural and sensual poses. Bright colours and structured shapes of the looks, embellished with embroideries, illuminate the models' silhouettes. Outfits in lunar shades of butter and ivory pay homage to space uniforms with helmets and vinyl boots.Fuchsia, blue and green stand out against the white three-dimensional background of the ship inspired by the masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

The ever-present protagonist is the Maison's logo, which becomes a pattern for jackets and mini-dresses with shaped contours and A-line cuts; inserted as a clear reference to the 1960s together with tartans and tweeds within an intergalactic context, it immerses the viewer in a surreal atmosphere where contrasts dominate. The allure of a retro lady fuses perfectly with modern style in an extraordinary representation of contemporary fashion that blends past and future.