For the designer Elisabetta Franchi "what strengthens us is the audacity to realize our ambitions and the determination to face the challenges". Although, even a nice bag can help.

22 years ago she opened a small business in Bologna, Le Complici. Today Elisabetta Franchi manage, through her own company and her own name on the labels, one of the most profitable brands in Italy (and also in the world) because with the latest openings in Minsk and Madrid, has already opened 1178 stores worldwide. There was no need for her to go join a big company or even to work for other designers. Franchi learned this job directly from the source: her clients. "Observing women and understanding what they want is the key to my success," she says. That said, she is aware of the fact that her aesthetic is very particular - and very well managed in the mass industry where, to be competitive, the key is to differentiate yourself from everything else -. Her collections have a strong feminine imprint: dresses, shimmering decorations, great emphasis on waists... Even when they are inspired by the United States of the late Nineteenth century, as in the Spring / Summer 2018 collection, which manages to make sexy anyway. "Not all women want the same things. But the kind of woman I design for is very concrete; they can be found everywhere in this round mass that we call Earth," she says. "I firmly believe that a woman can be strong, determined and confident without giving up being sensual and glamorous." Not even giving up to practicality, a value that has always been a priority, becoming one of the main pillars of what, surely, will become a must-have: the First Bag. "Spacious, versatile and refined design. The type of bag for a modern and active woman who does not want to give up on style. "