ELISABETTA FRANCHI Her ultra-feminine style with a strong personality describes this Italian fashion designer which has passed through a long career becoming the “new” brand for many celebrities.

In Spain we’ve got to know her especially thanks to Paula Echevarría. It’s been a long time that the actress chooses her creations for her public appearances. Nevertheless, the simple truth is that Elisabetta Franchi (Bologna, 1968) is a well-known, international fashion designer. From Angelina Jolie to Katy Perry, from Eva Longoria to Kate Hudson, every day there are more and more celebrities wearing her creations, full of femininity and sensuality, a perfect example of the Made in Italy. With a plus: her collections never leave anyone indifferent. Maybe it is thanks to the asymmetries, the flattering cut out details or the fine embroideries that the collections of this designer and animals rights lover never go unobserved. Perhaps it’s for this reason and for her love and respect for the women from the physical and social point of view that she is getting more and more fans. Fans coming really from all over the world, which today has 66 boutiques and more than 1100 points of sales.

1. How would you describe the women you make your creations for?
The Elisabetta Franchi woman is really strong, sensual and determined. My brand is extremely feminine and aims to make dream those who wear my collections.

2. How has been evolving your “Elisabetta Franchi woman” concept since the creation of the brand in 1998?
It seems that nothing has evolved, nothing has changed. But, looking back ,you realize all the developments and the permanent evolution. Sometimes I feel surprised for having designed something looking very old-fashioned such as the low waist. I look at it and think: “what’s that?!” and I start laughing.

3. Regarding the fashion business, in which you have been working for so many years, how has it changed?
Today customers are much better informed than before. They are more aware about how they want to be dressed. Moreover, they know what happens around the world, they know the trends and who designs the garments.

4. Your SS18 collection (available on elisabettafranchi.com) it’s a perfect mix of looks for the day and fabulous gowns rich of laces, transparencies and paillettes perfect for the evening. And what about your private life?
Which are your style tips for a daytime look and for a nightly look? First of all I love to play with the versatility of the daily outfits transforming them into something good to wear for the night. For the daytime, a suit or a skirt with a cross body bag are perfect. For the night I prefer a long dress with sequin, high heel shoes and a clutch.

5. You are well known not only for your creations but also for your social consciousness also regarding animals rights. How do you manage to combine your commitment on the animal rights protection with the fashion industry? Have you ever felt a negative pressure coming form, for example, fur manufacturers?
I’m totally convinced that you can be fashionable without hurting these creatures who are not able to defend themselves. For this just cause there is no price to pay and I have never felt in trouble, on the contrary I try to make the most of my notoriety and I fight in person for the defense of animal rights.

6. After so many years in the fashion field there are so many celebrities wearing your creations today. Is there anyone you liked the most?
Kate Hudson was one of the first, I remember that moment as one of the most thrilling and exciting.

7. In Spain you have many fans, too. How do you feel about such a positive answer from our Country?
I think that Spanish women perfectly embody the brand female type, I was sure to get a positive answer from them.

8. Your SS18 collection takes inspiration from the USA society at the end of the 19th century. Where does it come from?
The inspiration comes from the social change of the female figure in those years: women begin to seek their freedom and independence, as well as a place in society. At the end of the 19th century, the first state of the United States gave women the right to vote. With the increase of female emancipation the way of dressing changes too, becoming a way of expression of the social condition. 9. Which other fashion brands do you love? I love Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, and their way to communicate a strong identity, femininity and sensuality.

10. Is there any garment or accessory you love to design more than other?
I really like designing earrings. I think they can make the difference in any look, also with a simple cotton T shirt.

11. Are there any creations or collections bringing back a special memory?
The truth is that all the collections are important to me; in each one of them I can find a piece of memory.