Femininity doesn’t change, it only evolves, as Elisabetta Franchi says, who decorates her universe with laces and embroideries.

From a narrative point of view her path can be compared to a tale placing its “once upon a time” in a room in Bologna. From this room the little Elisabetta used to dream to dress all the girls in the world while designing clothes for her dolls. Today her company’s turnover is more than one hundred million euro per year, it employs 250 people and take part to the Milan Fashion Week. “The collection created for this SS18 is inspired by the social change experienced by women at the end of the Nineteenth century: when they started to search for their freedom, independence and their own role in society”, she says. Trims, laces and Victorian nostalgia to create an emancipated closet. “I feel like the spokeswoman of an evolved femininity, belonging to a conscious woman trying first of all to love herself”. Franchi, who started her career working as a shop assistant, is sure to be able to interpret the other women: “Staying directly in contact with women is the only way to understand what they really like”. And like the suffragettes inspiring her collection, she know what does it means to face the established power: “ Being a businesswoman means that you have to fight harder than a man”. But she never complains, “because when you fight for what you want, achieving your objective has the taste of the satisfaction”.

“The quality is essential for me, that’s why I make a strict selection of materials”, highlight Elisabetta Franchi. Her prêt-à-porter is made in Italy in order to control productions and adjust prices.