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Faithful to women who are both sensual and powerful, Elisabetta Franchi creates collections that go beyond the Made in Italy philosophy.

"Never stop at the first hurdle. Go past it and run forward". This phrase summarizes the life philosophy of Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi, a woman who, having started at "nothing", as she characteristically says, has created one of the most authentic Made in Italy ready-to-wear brands. "To me, Made in Italy does not stop at the craftsmanship and know-how of Italians. It’s an entire culture having to do with high aesthetics, and respect towards garments. We might be a heel on the map, but we have a culture that is clearly reflected on fashion", she states. Talented designer, capable manager, and mother of two, Franchi maintains a balance between personal and professional life, which she believes that only women can achieve. "Every day I feel like a gazelle that gets up and runs in the woods. I work out, I take care of my kids, I participate in demanding meetings with co-workers, I control production, all of these always with a smile on my lips and with insatiable passion", Franchi describes.

The age of Instagramable fashion does not scare her. She believes that it contributes to the creativity and transparency of production. She believes that fashion has no future unless it turns to sustainability, and she proves this by choosing eco-friendly materials for her collections even since the Fall of 2014. Elisabetta Franchi wants women to combine good taste with a strong personality. Just like Marilyn Monroe and Jacky Kennedy, two women she admires for their intrinsic elegance and strong character. Long dresses and lingerie elements, combined with straw hats and high heel booties, give women her own characteristics sensual femininity. -K.P.

The collections are available at the Elisabetta Franchi Shop-in-Shop at Eponymo Golden Hall, and at selected shops throughout Greece.

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Straw hats with impressive brims and dresses with silk, tulle and sequins, set the tone of the Elisabetta Franchi S/S 2018 collection.


Discrete see-through, bows, high collars and unique accessories, add a romantic sensuality.


"The woman I design for is sensual and powerful. She does not hide her body in a loose dress, but chooses to highlight it", explains the designer.

Bottom: Looks from the S/S 2018 collections and celebrities wearing her creations.