On 1 December 2022, designer Elisabetta Franchi received a double award: the "Premio d'Eccellenza per i Meriti Imprenditoriali Riconosciuti" (Award of Excellence for Recognised Entrepreneurial Merits) and "Storia d'Eccellenza" (History of Excellence) for having added a new internationally successful brand to the great tradition of Italian fashion.

The award ceremony, held at the Campidoglio in Rome, was part of the prestigious initiative 100 Eccellenze Italiane (100 Italian Excellence), now in its eighth edition and promoted by the Liber association in collaboration with the RDE publishing house.
The event, sponsored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, celebrates one hundred high-profile personalities and important enterprises that best embody the concept of Italianness in its most complete meaning: manufacturing, genius and style.
The success stories were selected by a prestigious Committee of Honour on the basis of criteria relating to historical accreditation, reputation, growth, innovative traits, international standing and demonstrated social responsibility.

Elisabetta Franchi was awarded for her vision of fashion, a skilful mix of contemporary and feminine aesthetics. With her creations, she has been able to reach an international audience and export the expression of the Italian spirit all over the world.