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      Brand History

      Elisabetta Franchi

      Brand History

      She rewrote the rules of ready-to-wear by mixing elegance and pragmatism with seductiveness and inclusivity.
      This is the story of designer and entrepreneur Elisabetta Franchi.
      An all-Italian, virtuous story that is about style and creativity, centred on the power of women as well environmental and social commitments. A story that goes well beyond market dynamics in order to convey a powerful message by way of Elisabetta Franchi’s passion, taste for new challenges and pride.

      1968 - Elisabetta Franchi


      Born in Bologna, Italy, in 1968, she comes from humble beginnings and little money, as a child owning a single doll, named Betty. Franchi understood early on that fashion was her true calling – an ambition she pursued wholeheartedly, symbolized by her Betty doll, and eventually allowed her to dress the women around the world. 

      Elisabetta Franchi
      1995 - Elisabetta Franchi


      The first atelier

      Her bond with fashion started as a child and continued while working as a shop assistant where she learned to listen and tune in to clients’ needs.

      Being a dreamer equipped with a strong practical side which led her, in 1995, to open her first atelier.

      1998 - Elisabetta Franchi


      Betty Blue SpA

      In few years the small atelier became a full-grown company, Betty Blue S.p.A., a Made in Italy, focusing on a ultra-feminine style of clothing.

      2012 - Elisabetta Franchi



      In 2012, Elisabetta made the decision to design under her own name setting up the ELISABETTA FRANCHI Brand. Modifying Elisabetta Franchi’s initials you get the famous monogram, which summarizes perfectly the brand’s visual identity.

      An effective, simple, distinctive, recognisable and above all identifiable design. In brief, it expresses the soul and essence of the brand.

      2015 - Elisabetta Franchi


      The debut at Milan Fashion Week

      With the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the Brand is recognized from Camera della Moda and the brand debuts at the Milano Fashion Week.

      The path ahead was uphill but, bolstered by such values as passion, consistency, sacrifices and discipline – the pillars behind her self-made woman success – she was propelled towards the creation of what is now aglobal business boasting two headquarters, Bologna and Milano, over 100 flagship boutiques, over 1100 multi-brand stores and a 2022 turnover of € 160M.

      From Milan to Paris through Madrid and Dubai, Elisabetta Franchi has won over international stars and celebrities of the calibre of Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Dita Von Teese and Kourtney Kardashian. The feminine and elegant hallmark of her creations evokes the concept of INCLUSIVE and ATTAINABLE luxury; it fulfils the need for beauty and the desire to experience the emotion of owning and wearing beauty, whilst declaring one’s femininity.
      Quality and craftsmanship are the values underpinning all Elisabetta Franchi’s collections. Guided by a profound artisanal know-how, skilled hands shape and fashion the house’s innovative ideas into creations in a ceaseless dialogue inspired by the passion for excellence. The unfailing strive for the perfect fit and the attention for details translate into garments that narrate the tale of Made in Italy and Elisabetta Franchi’s approach to fashion to the entire world. The designer has never shied away from responsibilities and has worked towards transforming her entrepreneurial vision in self-awareness, the same she encourages women to embrace and display through her collections.

      A WOMAN for WOMEN, with an attentive eye for developments, not just of a tailoring nature, but of times; she has revolutionised – with courage and devotion – the rules of traditional communication.
      Elisabetta Franchi talks directly to her clients, spontaneously and with authenticity because she believes that sharing is the key to evolution and change.

      Alongside her designer’s work, Franchi is part of a series of collaborations and undertakings that prove how fashion can be an extraordinary instrument for the promotion of social-driven initiatives and culture. Indeed, the brand is a firm believer in championing the arts, scientific research, women-related issues and the protection of animals.

      Right from the start, the designer stood out for the strong beliefs on animal rights. Choosing to purchase and wear an Elisabetta Franchi garment is not merely a style statement but rather a tangible commitment that focuses on belonging to a “unit” with a strong, feminine and clearly defined DNA.

      2021 - Elisabetta Franchi



      Some battles were lost without ever giving up the fight and many others were won thanks to a combination of sacrifices and dedication, and in 2021, Elisabetta Franchi’s 23-year career was honoured with the title of Cavaliere dell’Ordine “al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” (Knight of the Italian Republic) bestowed by President Sergio Mattarella in recognition of her tireless efforts and devotion to work, the growth of her business and her staff.

      Moreover, this year she received the Ernst&Young World Entrepreneur of the Year, Class of 2022, Italy, for adding value with innovative spirit and strategic vision whilst contributing to economic growth.