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      X Style - Elisabetta Franchi

      X Style

      A stylist who is a symbol of female entrepreneursh and Made in Italy.

      An interview by Giorgia Venturini to discover an unpublished Elisabetta


      Verissimo - Elisabetta Franchi


      Elisabetta Franchi dresses women's lives, their dreams, their projects and their travels.

      Guest of Silvia Toffain, Elisabetta tells her story:


      Rete 4 | Stasera Italia - Elisabetta Franchi

      Rete 4 | Stasera Italia

      Emotion on stage.

      Fashion is theater, restaurants, club, party, cheers, looks, concerts, taxis, hotels.

      Fashion is about touch and smell.

      Fashion is life.

      Watch the speech by Elisabetta Franchi, guest of Barbara Palombelli's Stasera Italia.


      Forbes - Elisabetta Franchi


      Elisabetta Franchi, one of the protagonists of the Forbes Women digital event "Creativity and Leadership".

      Some of the 100 most successful Italian Women in 2020 selected by Forbes Italy to be part of the event. Discover more:


      Quarta reppublica - Elisabetta Franchi

      Quarta reppublica

      Elisabetta Franchi guest at Quarta Repubblica tv show by Nicola Porro.

      Current issues, politics and economics at the Covid19 time.

      Discover more: QUARTA REPUBBLICA

      Fuori dal coro - Elisabetta Franchi

      Fuori dal coro

      Elisabetta Franchi’s interview at “Fuori dal Coro” tv-show.

      The evidence of an entrepreneur who wants to shed light on a difficult historical period. Discover more:


      Da noi... A ruota libera - Elisabetta Franchi

      Da noi... A ruota libera

      Discover the woman who with her own strength has managed to establish herself in the world wide fashion industry with her brand. 

      An incredible adventure that is still ongoing. 

      Watch the interview: DA NOI...A RUOTA LIBERA

      L'Assedio Daria Bignardi - Elisabetta Franchi

      L'Assedio Daria Bignardi

      How do you become Elisabetta Franchi? 

      Relive the interview done by Daria Bignardi during "L'Assedio"

      Find out how a little girl born from a modest family made the dream of a lifetime come true. 

      Click on the link: L'ASSEDIO DARIA BIGNARDI