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      Designer Profile - Elisabetta Franchi

      Designer Profile

      A woman who can stir emotions and be touched by them. Because her life itself is an emotion. Lived to the full without sparing herself, with only one objective: to realise the dreams of a child who has always seen her world and her truest essence in fashion. A desire that has become reality.

      This is the story of Elisabetta Franchi, soul of the eponymous brand, which has managed to conquer the female universe by mixing elegance and practicality, seduction and inclusiveness. This success is the result of great passion, scrupulous study of the product, absolute dedication to work and a good dose of concreteness. Born in Bologna, class of 1968, into a family of humble origins, with few opportunities and only one doll - Betty - she understood from an early age that her vocation was fashion. Her connection with fashion continued by working as a saleswoman where she learnt to know her customers, listen to them and understand their needs.

      Her dreamer soul, but with a practical sense, led her in 1995 to open a small atelier that became a company in 1998: Betty Blue SpA. In 2012, the designer chose to sign her creations with her own name, creating the Elisabetta Franchi brand, which debuted at Milan Fashion Week with the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Between battles lost without ever giving up and struggles won with sacrifice and dedication, these 23 years of career were crowned, in 2021, with the honour of Cavaliere dell'Ordine 'al Merito della Repubblica Italiana' by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. In the same year, he received the award Ernst&Young Italia as Entrepreneur of the Year for having been able to create value, with innovative spirit and strategic vision, contributing to the growth of the economy.

      Headquarter - Elisabetta Franchi


       In 2006, the designer bought an old, disused pharmaceutical factory, which after two years of planning and renovation, became the maison's headquarter in 2008: over 6,000 square metres of modern and functional beauty, immersed in the Bolognese countryside. Designed on the model of a simple parallelepiped, the structure architecturally represents the brand's distinctive characteristics: consistency, precision, tenacity and stubbornness.

      The design is based on a few elements that accompany the space: glass, metal and wood in relation to each other through inflections of light that give an active role to the linear geometries that define the spaces.

      The restyling, in full respect of eco-sustainable architecture, has given new splendour to the building, fully expressing the passion Elisabetta Franchi has always cultivated, alongside fashion, for architecture and design. Made of simple and essential materials, the structure is balanced through the use of light reflecting them from the external black polished aluminium façade, which gives it a scenographic and functional effect. 

      Showroom Milano - Elisabetta Franchi

      Showroom Milano

      In 2013, Elisabetta Franchi chooses Milan for the opening of its first executive showroom, located in Via Tortona 9, in the heart of the city's fashion district: an entire building in the shape of a black monolith, measuring 950 square metres - developed on 6 floors.

      A refined location, whose spaces can accommodate up to 3 collections at the same time. The interior design is a prelude to the elegance of the maison's garments. A sober and refined concept characterises the environment: walnut wood with a glossy finish for the boiserie and the designer furnishings on the ground floor - which houses the reception and waiting rooms, embellished with sofas, armchairs, and soft lighting - contribute to making the atmosphere welcoming.

      Retail - Elisabetta Franchi


      Entrare in uno store Elisabetta Franchi significa ritrovarsi nel salotto della fashion designer e vivere a pieno lo stile del brand. È un luogo accogliente, raffinato, elegante e riflette lo stile delle collezioni e della filosofia del brand.

      Un concept raccontato attraverso un accurato design, fatto di linee pulite ed essenziali che si armonizzano con lo spazio. Abiti e accessori si combinano in una sinergia che evoca un senso di lusso sofisticato, tra artigianalità, glamour e raffinatezza. 

      Store - Elisabetta Franchi


      Entering an Elisabetta Franchi store means finding yourself in the fashion designer’s living room and fully experiencing the style of the brand. It is a welcoming, refined and elegant place, reflecting the style of the collections and the underlying philosophy.

      A concept conveyed through a thoughtful design, made up of clean and essential lines that harmonise with the space. Clothes and accessories combine in a synergy that evokes a sense of sophisticated luxury, a combination of craftsmanship, glamor and refinement. 

      Craftmanship - Elisabetta Franchi


      Quality, craftsmanship and sartorial expertise: these values are behind every Elisabetta Franchi collection, for a luxurious style that has become the new standard in the world of fashion.

      From research to the study of materials and fabrics and the creation of prototypes with painstaking care for details, every single phase of the production of each item is carried out at the headquarters. The fashion house’s innovative ideas are turned into reality by expert hands, in an on-going dialogue inspired by a passion for excellence.

      At the heart of all collections is a constant improvement of fitting and superior care for details, which result in garments and accessories of the highest quality, characterized by a sophisticated elegance which is a true symbol of “made in Italy”.

      Celebrities - Elisabetta Franchi


      Grazie al suo stile, che spazia tra eleganza e sensualità, Elisabetta Franchi ha conquistato in poco tempo anche il mondo delle celebrity. Star di Hollywood del calibro di Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Dita Von Teese e Kourtney Kardashia hanno sfoggiato i suoi abiti in occasione di red carpet ed eventi internazionali.

      Elisabetta Franchi ha realizzato il suo sogno di “vestire tutte le donne più belle e influenti del mondo”, puntando su una strategia di prodotto ben precisa: proporre dei capi versatili, adatti ad ogni donna e occasione, che emanano femminilità e sensualità, senza mai perdere la grinta, tipica della donna Elisabetta Franchi.

      EF Loves Animals - Elisabetta Franchi

      EF Loves Animals

      In addition to fashion, Elisabetta Franchi has always had a great passion, which she cultivates not only in her private life, but also by combining it with her work: a passion for animals, and the strenuous defence of their rights, in the name of cruelty-free fashion.

      Her collections are a reflection of this unconditional love: in fact, all the garments are made without the use of raw materials such as angora and real down, which are harvested using cruel techniques that violate the dignity of animals. Fur is also banned from the collections, in compliance with the Lav 'Fur Free Retailer Program'. Over the years, Elisabetta Franchi has promoted numerous campaigns to raise awareness in defence of animal rights: from the "Love Dogs" and "Naked Truth" projects, created against the abandonment and mistreatment of animals, to the first Dog Hospitality project in Italy, which allows the company's employees to bring their four-legged friends into the office with them.

      In 2015, the 'EF loves dogs' collection was inaugurated: a series of products dedicated to four-legged friends, the proceeds of which go to support associations that defend and protect abandoned animals. In 2019, all support and safeguard activities have merged into one ambitious project: the 'Fondazione Elisabetta Franchi Onlus'.