Fashion Show

Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show

Revolutionary, authentic, and prestigious, with an always-relevant style and a strong identity. This is the Elisabetta Franchi woman, whose persona the designer translates into an unparalleled fashion show. The cast will no longer be made of models only interpreting a clichéd version of femininity but also of non-models: a crew of contemporary and relatable women, who represent and embody the brand around the world every single day, will walk down the runway promoting the idea of authentic womanhood in all its facets. These are the women who have been faithful friends and ‘ambassadors’ of the fashion house for a long time, who wear its creations in their day-to-day life and share the same values championed by the brand. The women, who despite their different personalities, found common inspiration in Elisabetta Franchi, thus contributing to inform her designs in a constant exchange between the designer and her muses. This has given rise to a collection that marks a new chapter in the history of the brand. Passion is the emotion firing up the runway – red velvet engages in a dance with jet black and shines channeling the brilliance of emerald green. Enveloped in body-con dresses, the sensual bodies combined with the feminine and determined stride are an ode to beauty and pride, the strength of the female spirit. The Fall-Winter 2022-23 collection combines aesthetic choices and messages. It stands as a contemporary manifesto centered on the creative experience where body awareness is portrayed as a joyful narration with the garments set against a timeless and evocative backdrop. Light and music accompany the show in an emotional crescendo of positive vibrations unveiling the introduction of a movement of fierce, strong, self-aware, and hugely sensual women ready to herald a message of change into the world.

Backstage Gallery