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      Animal Free

       - Elisabetta Franchi

      In addition to fashion, Elisabetta Franchi has always had a great passion that she cultivates not only in her private life but also by combining it with work: the passion for animals and the defence of their rights. In fact, starting with the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection, Elisabetta gradually eliminated feathers and down filling, implementing innovative and experimental systems like polyester fibre or wadding. With the Spring-Summer 2015 collection the use of animal feathers and down was completely abolished.

      Fur free retailer program - Elisabetta Franchi

      Fur free retailer program

      Implementing the philosophy of ethical fashion, Elisabetta Franchi does not include apparel with animal furs in her collections. It is a commitment undertaken and signed with a self-certification in the Fur Free Retailer Programme, in collaboration with LAV (Anti Vivisection League). It is a program established with the aim of promoting trade policies that respect animal rights by eliminating items containing animal furs.

      Animal free - Elisabetta Franchi

      Animal free

      VV (NO FURS, NO FEATHERS) Elisabetta Franchi is a part of the Animal Free Fashion project founded by LAV. With this commitment the company has achieved the second-best ethical rating thanks to the creation of animal-free furs and down jackets, dresses, shirts and skirts in faux leather, not to mention bags and small accessories.

      No Angora - Elisabetta Franchi

      No Angora

      A further step that concretised the philosophy of an ethical, cruelty-free fashion was to ban angora wool from the collections. Contrary to common percep¬tion, angora fur is pulled from the animals using cruel tech¬niques that harm their dignity and cause atrocious suffering. Since 2014 Elisabetta Franchi has completely abolished the use of angora wool from the collections.